Valentyn Nalyvaichenko Press Release

Valentyn NalyvaichenkoGood afternoon from the Justice Movement of Valentyn Nalyvaichenko!

We wanted to send you the summary of Valentyn’s press conference yesterday (in the attached PDF file, along with the cited documents). The press conference had three main points:

  1. Poroshsenko is stepping up his persecution of the opposition and has called Valentyn to the SBU tomorrow to answer charges related to a form of betraying the government.
  2. Valentyn released documents showing that in 2016 the SBU (after Val’s departure from the organization) was collaborating with the FSB to collect information that could be politically used against Valentyn. That is, Poroshenko works with the FSB to silence the opposition within Ukraine.
  3. Demanding that the government prosecute «real crimes» (versus political persecutions). He mentions the case he brought to the General Prosecutor’s Office in June 2017 demanding the investigation of Poroshenko’s private airplanes to transport Yanukovich’s cronies during the Maidan and the subsequent flights to Russia.

TOMORROW: 11:45 in Kyiv, we will be rallying in support of Valentyn and to oppose Poroshenko’s corruption in front of the SBU (Vul. Volodomyrska 33, Kyiv) and invite you to join us

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